Beginners – Prospect Library Workshops

Prospect Library Workshops (Beginner Arduino)

The Beginners Arduino workshops will run over the course of four weeks. No previous experience is required as we will be starting from the very basics and working our way through the

programming, adding bits to our knowledge as we go. There are no formal age restrictions, though 10 seems to be a good minimum. It is more important that the attendees are able to focus and self-direct themselves to a certain extent, so younger attendees can be accommodated if they have these attributes. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children.

The Ardublock programming we use works a bit like Scratch, so anyone who has done that will become quickly familiar with this system. It is a very hands-on process and each week will involve putting little projects together to make things work, while developing skills in thinking logically about how to program and troubleshoot problems. The attendees will not be able to take projects home with them.

By the end of the fourweeks, the attendees should have a basic understanding of how programming and the Arduino microprocessor works. They can then be encouraged and assisted to download the program and commence experimenting with their own projects for home. Additionally, attendees can then enrol in the Advanced Arduino workshops, which focus on programming using the C++ code, which is much more flexible than Ardublock and is most commonly used for the Arduino.

Attendees do not need to bring anything, all equipment will be provided.

As the workshops will be adding knowledge from week to week, it is important that the attendees commit to attending every session. Missed sessions due to unforeseen circumstances can be accommodated, however missing more than one session at a time is not considered ideal.

The dates for the Beginners Arduino workshops for Term 2, 2018 are: Fridays, May 11th, 25th,  June  8th,  22nd .

The workshops will be held at the Prospect Library, Thomas Street, Nailsworth, after-school to 4:30 pm.

The cost of the workshops is $50 for the term.

Places are limited to 10 participants per session, so the first confirmed bookings will be accommodated. Contact to book.